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Trumps Wall Has Already Been Built

Trumps Wall Has Already Been Built

February 14, 2019

The United States southern border wall is one of the most discussed, divisive and sensitive issues on the worldwide stage. What does the wall represent? Is there anyone who has had their mind changed by a new perspective on this topic? This episode of Creating Utopia discusses the walls that have been created within our own minds, preventing us from connecting with the humanity of those around us. We need to recognize that no matter how controversial an idea or a belief, that behind the idea exists a person, worthy of respect and dignity. We can turn this conversation inward, and examine our own lives looking for the walls within, that might be causing more harm than good. As Douglas Rushkoff would suggest, it's imperative now more than ever to "find the others", because when we do, we'll see that they're people, like us, and they aren't others at all.

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