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Joe Rogan and Andrew Yang: AI - A Positive Outlook

Joe Rogan and Andrew Yang: AI - A Positive Outlook

March 7, 2019

Joe Rogan had presidential candidate Andrew Yang on his podcast last month, February of 2019 to discuss Yang's Universal Basic Income, or as he refers to it, “Freedom Dividend” centered platform. My initial reaction to just seeing this episode pop up in my feed, was....FINALLY... there's so much needless confusion over what UBI is, how it would be implemented or funded, what the purpose of it is, what the consequences have been in places it's been tried, why it's needed, etc. and Yang did a remarkable job answering all of these questions and more in just 2 hours.

The main area of concern, and what seems like perhaps Yang's reasoning for why we ended up with Donald Trump, is because the artificial intelligence and automation revolutions already started, jobs in the manufacturing industry are scarce, and it's coming for truck drivers, service workers, journalists and more. This episode is intended to keep the conversation going, elaborating on an openness to looking at life and at our potential as a species, in a new way. Work and money does not equal meaning or value.

We have the knowledge and technology to empower every individual to make positive changes for the first time ever in history. And it's a true perspective changer when you realize what's possible.

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