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10 Minute Must Read Books Pt.1 - Lying by Sam Harris

October 15, 2018

The reason we have progressed as a species, specifically so remarkably in the past 100-200 years, is that some of us made a commitment to finding out what's true about the world, the universe, nature, reality, and ourselves.

What is lying, really, and what are the consequences? Sam Harris is one of my favorite authors – he's a contemporary philosopher – elaborating on topics such as free will, morality, consciousness, and meditation. But the reason I picked Lying as the first book to discuss, is because I think most if not nearly everyone is operating with the assumption that lying is something we need to live with and come to accept. In this episode I elaborate on Sam's thesis, that the world we create through honesty is much more beautiful than even conceivable, through lies.

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