Creating Utopia The Podcast

3rd or Alternative Political Parties & Ben Shapiro

September 6, 2018

I just listened to the recent Jordan Peterson podcast with Gregg Hurwitz, and I couldn't help but ask myself the entire time it felt – where were these thoughts in 2016, or 2012, or 2008? Campaign finance reform, admitting that the gerrymandering process is extremely unfair, voter ID laws and the suppression that follows. Where was the interest in candidates that propose solutions to the problems affecting society? I relinquish just a bit of frustration here, because I know the likes of Andrew Sullivan, or David Frum, Cenk Uyger, or the late Christopher Hitchens have been advocating along these lines for decades now, and it seems like people are just starting to listen – or feel like they're discovering these ideas themselves. The intellectual dark web has been a vibrant community for at least a decade now, there is no invitation necessary.

You are not throwing your vote away, by voting for a third, fourth or alternative party, and you're not failing your democracy if you refuse to vote for the candidates that are put forth. There should be someone you can look to that represents you, that will fight for you, protect your rights and enable you to live a free life, with the opportunity to flourish. We are the government, and it is our responsibility to demand more from the political process.

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