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A Response to Jordan Peterson Regarding Climate Change: Where is Everyone who “Doesn’t Understand”?

December 17, 2018

If you haven't listened to Peterson's breakdown of his thoughts regarding climate change in his podcast episode #59 with Bjorn Lomborg, I highly recommend it. It was interesting to listen to right after releasing my own episode on the topic, and wonderful to hear them discuss the issue from a perspective that's often overlooked, being – what can we do now regarding climate change, and what will it accomplish.

Whether it be a perspective, an idea, a thought, an axiom, a proposition, or an equation – there is no one who knows everything. We're all ignorant to something and to someone in some realm, and each of us is ignorant to varying degrees about almost everything. So when we come across a person or a group of people who are acting or believing certain things that we can't quite comprehend or we find abhorrent even, the solution has to be to still try. To reach out, to show our humanity and try to educate, encourage and enlighten in any way shape or form is a valuable endeavor. 

This episode sheds light on a recurring tactic used by intellectuals and Influencers when confronted with a viewpoint in stark contradiction to their own.

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