Creating Utopia The Podcast

Mental Wellness Pt. 2 & Jim Carrey

September 24, 2018

Mental Wellness, to build off of Part 1, is the concept that's going to be explored a little bit further. More specifically, the arbitrary nature of considering others' mental states to be illnesses and the potential consequences that can have is what's examined in this episode. Can it be that somehow the struggles that we face within, can be the cause of greatness? Is it to be assumed that we should avoid quote negative mental states at all costs at all times, or... is struggle and pain a part of human existence that can unleash in us potential that we were unaware we had? A common theme in many that spend their lives doing good things is a past history of struggle. The more extreme the struggle, often the more a person commits themselves to do good.

I wonder how many insights have been missed throughout time, because we decided to classify some people, in some way shape or form, and miss out on more potential greatness said individual has to offer. We may not notice it, but our own mental wellness is being affected by the way we respond to and judge others.

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