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June 14, 2019

The Sharing Economy has been here for a long time. It's interesting to consider that The Library is the sharing economies oldest friend, a safe place where knowledge and information is readily available, regardless of your ability to purchase books, or own them. Access is what's being valued, not ownership.

Podcoin and Sweatcoin have noticed that listening to podcasts, and walking outside are generally a positive thing to do. There's a rich well of valuable information out there to consume, and getting outside and exercising, not a bad idea for the majority of the population. What's beautiful about this is that people are already listening to podcasts and they're already walking and running, and as a general rule, the humans who participate in these activities on their own volition are better off for it. Conversely there's a vast segment of people who aren't walking outside, and they're consuming things like Fox news, as opposed to 3 hour long history podcasts or thoughtful discussions. These humans now have a tangible reason – beyond it just being a “good idea” or recommendations from friends to learn more and be active. There's no reason that positive action is not being rewarded in society more broadly... indeed it is perhaps the biggest obstacle to our flourishing – as taking care of children or the elderly, volunteering, walking, reading, recycling – these are valuable in their own right. But as a society should we not encourage these activities by permitting those who participate in them to be able to survive?

With these Apps, you have the ability to turn your everyday positive habits into a real reward, either for yourself or for others. Podcoin has donations built right into the platform, so you can turn your listening into acres of rain-forest or clean drinking water for those in water stressed areas. This episode explores a slice of the sharing economy, with digital currency and basic income baked right in.

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