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Socialism - Why Not Be Honest? (A Response to Jordan Peterson)

July 11, 2018

Socialism is not a bad word, it's an imperfect solution and a response to a problem with the inequalities that the market system produces. It's extreme, it's flawed, and almost the exact opposite of the market system, but consider, how intelligent could Marx have possibly been regarding global economic affairs in the year 2018? This episode is an attempt to have the conversation regarding Socialism that I've been waiting to hear from intelligent, thoughtful individuals I revere. 

It's interesting that Jordan Peterson continues to conflate the only well known alternative to our certainly flawed but - not as bad as many on the left - would say, current economic paradigm, with guaranteed totalitarian regimes followed by millions of deaths. The same thing used to happen to Christopher Hitchens when he would discuss atheism – the opposition would often use the same names, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, as some sort of exemplar of an atheist. It's perhaps reactionary or precautionary logic at work, but it's incomplete and dangerous to paint someone like Christopher Hitchens – an atheist socialist – as a mass murderer waiting to happen.

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